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Printing e-commerce website – CheapBooklets

I have a long term relationship with this client and I am constantly developing their website CheapBooklets. Design of this site mainly concentrates to display product images. They not only have to look good, but also show exactly what kind of product company offers. Otherwise website follows simple minimalist style in orange and blue brand colors, not distracting users from choosing right print specifications.

Functionality side of this website is based on e-commerce plugin for WordPress – Woocommerce. Yet still it is not usually possible to use any e-commerce solution out of the box for printing, because of sheer number of different price variations. For this project I used Woocommerce API and PHP to write custom code and adapted additional plugins to meet the specific needs of a printer. CheapBooklets website is live now, it brings new orders and new customers to the company every day. Which in turn gives funds needed for it’s further development.

Please visit at www.cheapbooklets.co.uk