Where to find inspiration and how not to lose it


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Rolling inspiration stones

I don’t know what about you, but I need inspiration and in big doses. The ability to think creative and good imagination are very helpful qualities in any work, but they are worthless without inspiration. As inspiration is the main engine driving you forward, giving you wings, turning on a light bulb above your head. Even the word itself in Latin (inspiratus) means “blow (life) into”, meaning it would be an end of life without inspiration. How philosophical: no inspiration – no life, isn’t it.

All the artists were facing crises of creativity one time or another. They were telling “Let the Muse visit you” to each other, meaning a good wish of inspiration. And the inspiration itself was famous for being a rolling stone, uncontrollable, unpredictable, coming and going any time it desires. The times changed, but the need for inspiration stayed all the same. On the other hand because of all the technological gadgets nowadays we have much more sources to look for inspiration.

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