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How we do it

  1. We will have an initial conversation during which we will ask questions to clarify your requirements.
  2. We then have a think and come up with several proposals.
  3. We will discuss our proposals with you and agree which option is the best.
  4. We then formally confirm the specification and we agree the price.
  5. If you do not have a credit account with us, we require stage payments. For small jobs, like leaflet design or creation of a logo, we need half in advance and half on completion. For larger jobs, we will divide the total fee into several chunks; for example, creation of a website is divided to 3 parts: design, html and programming.
  6. Depending on the budget, we may create one or several versions of design.
  7. You choose the version you like and we finish the work.
  8. One batch of minor author’s corrections for free. Any subsequent author’s corrections are charged on a time basis.
  9. Once we receive your final payment, we will send you a print ready PDF, a vector logo or your website will go online.