Logo Design

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What is a logo

Logo is the main element in your corporate identity. Some people consider logo as just a small picture on the stationery items. Make sure you don’t make this mistake. Logo is much more than just an illustration. Consider it as the symbol of your company, your corporate face in graphical representation. Good logo must be conceptual, correctly represent your style, it has to be well thought through, original, readable and rememberable and with a right emotional charge.

Some most important aspects – your logo must be original and exceptional. Just imagine that annoying feeling when you meet another person dressed exactly as you are. It’s even worse if you notice that some other company is using very similar logo to the one which you proudly present on your business cards. Good logo is a unique logo, properly reflecting values and strengths of your company.


The Concept

When it comes to seeing a logo that makes you wonder “Why didn’t I think of that?”. What is it about the design that gives that impression? It’s not just about the creativity of a designer; it’s more about clearly sticking the communication goal of the logo in the forefront of your mind from the very first steps of creative process. A simple high concept shape will always beat a most good looking drawing which has nothing to say. Creativity is important in the sense that perfection is achieved not then it is nothing left to add but then it is nothing left to remove. Typography choices, shapes and colours are the tools to deliver a message you want to say to your customer. And it has to be clearly readable on any media chosen in any size or format.

Everything in your logo – type, shape, composition, colours must be matching and spot on. A professional logo designer would avoid any coincidences, like “my favourite colour is orange”. Everything must be meaningful and logical and in the same time creative and original.


Creative process

Two artists, American and Chinese, got the same task – to draw a duck. The deadline was three days. American artist went to a lake and spent two days drawing loads of different sketches and finally on a third day made a detailed painting. Chinese artist went to the same lake and spent two days observing those same ducks and doing nothing. On a third day he got back to a studio and made his painting presenting the “Chi Energy” he felt while observing ducks.

A good logo must be first well thought through and only then created. So time is certainly not the main criteria then creating logo. It’s much more important to have a knowhow, to listen and to analyze. And the last but not least is to know how to use your tools starting from pen and ending computer programs.


Designer before undertaking a project of creating a company logo will always ask you questions which will help him understand what your company is. What kind of customers are targeted, what is the positioning in the market, what values or emotions are of most importance.

A logo can be solid or youthful. It can symbolize stability and reliability or innovation and drive. Logo can be modern or conservative – it all depends on your company, its values and vision.

The design of the logo must also be relevant to the business it represents. That is achieved by doing a research into the industry and market your company is standing in. You know your closest competitors and we have to know them too. It is important to feel the style of the environment you are working in as it prevents from starting barking up the wrong tree. Your logo must fit in the market, but it also has to differentiate you from your competitors.

Shape of the logo

Let’s say your logo is a symbol, which represents your company and enables people instantly recognize it. Imagine road signs – people from all nations and all languages get the message clearly and in no time. So must your logo, as it’s a picture which is worth a thousand words.

There are tons of dangers lurking out there which can make your logo appear “collapsing”, “falling”, “instable”, etc. The wrong composition could even arouse some negative emotions and we surely do not want that to happen. Thankfully there also are lots of rules and laws how to avoid those dangers and make it look perfect. Frankly you don’t have to know them as we do.

It is very important your logo is scalable. What is, it works in any size and on any material using any printing technique the same way it works on your stationery items. One day you might wish to produce some collateral stationery as pens and pin badges or even fridge magnets and beer mats. Then another day you might considers marking your corporate cars or vans, the showcase of your store or even putting a large neon sign on the roof of your building. A good logo will work in all those and other cases just fine without danger of becoming unreadable or unrecognisable.

Colour of the logo

It is another very important aspect. Every colour has its meaning, which could be different in various countries. Good designer knows about the art and science of the colouring, he is well aware which colours fit each other and which don’t. He knows their meaning and symbolic. If you need a youthful, aggressive and innovative logo designer would never offer you a blue or violet logo, as these colours express something opposite – they mean stability, trust, devotion, security and spirituality.

It is also important to know that although colour has a lot to say it is still secondary to the shape and form. If the logo doesn’t work in black only even the best matching colour won’t rescue it. Remember the usability – sometimes you just won’t be allowed any colouring for your logo representation. On the other hand sometimes you might want to use colouring to represent different segments of your business or your product groups.