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Website for university club of traders

This website was designed for Florida State University (FSU) club of traders. Their logo symbol represents an upward trading graph with an arrowhead at the top, which comes from Seminole tribe and is widely used in university symbolic. Burgundy and gold colours also come from Florida State University. Solid minimalistic design dominates throughout the site while pale gold backgrounds creates a calm ambient atmosphere. That helps users to concentrate on the most important aspect, which is website content. FSU Traders site mainly focuses on educational material, so it is very important to allow users to read text or watch videos easily and not be distracted by some colourful images or other design elements. Readability of the most important buttons, which are placed in the sidebar or front page, is reinforced with visual icons. That helps users to grasp the meaning of the buttons instantly without even reading them.

Front page content in this website heavily focuses to introduce users to advantages of day trading. There is a sliding banner, which helps to grab user’s attention using very strong elements – pictures, which are related to short advantage descriptions on the right. Below the sliding banner front pages features introductory content area easily navigated using title tabs at the top. In sidebar, on the right hand side, there is a video, shortly describing day trading from the first person view.

This is a membership site for university club members. Therefore it has two different blocks of content – for general public and for logged in users. Public users trying to access content, which is only allowed for site members will see a form inviting to log in. In the top header website features a Members Area, where users are able to edit their profile or use messaging system. Another important user interaction feature in this website is forum. In the forum users are able to read and write posts. But only website administrator can manage forum threads. Site messaging system is also integrated in the forum, so that users can easily write a private message to a forum post author. Another user interaction functionality for logged in members is the default WordPress comments system. It is mainly used in educational material under Training Videos category, so that site members could share their own experience on the related subject.

We have also integrated Events Calendar feature in this website. Which is used to remind club members about upcoming meetings. Calendar is displayed in website sidebar and is accessible on every content page, including front page under Events tab. Another important aspect for traders is to get real time data on current tendencies in the market. For this reason we placed a running line showing top gainers and losers at the very top of website header.

Website is built on WordPress CMS. It has search functionality, user registration and members area, request forms (protected from spam with CAPTCHA), lightbox picture gallery, forum and private messaging system, events calendar and other useful features.

Feel free to visit at www.fsutraders.com