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Negative space logo for building materials store

We took stylised capital letters from company name to create a negative space monogram. With respect to construction theme it symbolises a stylish inclined roof house. Negative space displays a witty face with one eye closed. In modern logo market  the ideas shown in negative space are respected and appreciated as person looking at the logo has to concentrate to see both images and this helps a lot to remember the picture.

Symbol of the logo is shown in minimalistic style, but has conceptual background and thrills. When doing a market research for building materials industry we were surprised by the little amount of attention spent on good branding in this sector. Our goal was to create a different logo, the memorable, modern and stylish one.

This negative space one colour logo can easily be reproduced on different materials using silk-screening, litho or digital printing, cross-stitched on fabric or cut on label media. We also created a two colour logo for added visual weight.